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For our non French readers visiting my site, this is a thumbnails site
(about 440) from an enthusiast, found of broken classic cars of the South east of France. And not only cars: You will find pictures from trucks, houses, boats ...
All the pictures are mine or sent by people like me. Every 2 month (about !), new pictures will be added on the site.
As I'm not specialised in English or Internet language, you can help me with some simple ideas.
Why not asking for a link if you like this site?

To write me, send pictures or precise the marque or the type of a car: rouille@free.fr

merci à François, Bernard, Olivier, Mayeul, Gautier, Joan, Pierre, Antonio, Philippe, Laurent, Gérard ... et ceux que j'oublie pour certaines photos.
et à F.P. pour son aide.
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